Rave Reviews

“OWDC with my son as my diving buddy was an awesome experience. Both Dive Instructor and Dive Master were Knowledgeable, Professional, Patient and Personal.”

Their theory lessons flashed on PowerPoint were easy to understand. I like it that they always emphasize on buddy checks and recap safety rules before each dive.
After each dive, both instructors will provide us constructive feedback on how we can improve our skills for the next dive.
My personal experience…
Day 2 – jumping into the water from the jetty unprepared got me all panicky. I was determined for my son & DM to usher me out from the water asap… but when DI swam towards me and held my hand, my fear just disappeared, instead I felt a sense of assurance that I’ll be safe with his guidance. The next minute, we saw ourselves descending deeper to join the rest at the seabed. I could see joy on my son’s face, knowing that we can proceed with training. I was really grateful to have an instructor who did not give in to my fear. DI believed in proper and quality yet safe training. His awareness of safety combined with his ability to take calculated risk made the activity more interesting for me. Hahaha guess what… I am confident to dive on the 3rd day!
I highly recommend Oracles Scuba to my friends if they wish to enjoy a safe diving experience in a small group.
Thank God for keeping all of us safe!

“Dive instructors are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly who goes an extra mile to ensure we are well-trained and safe by the end of the course/trip.”

Besides teaching what is required from course syllabus, they will also share personal experience, diving tips as well as dive adventures with us. Highly recommended to beginners who place safety and learning right diving techniques as priority. Thumbs up 👍🏻 Oraclescuba.

“My first dive was superb! Instructor was knowledgeable.”

Due to his vast experiences in diving, answers was right on his fingertips when different kind of questions/scenarios was thrown to him. Theory and practical was easy to understand. Always prioritize buddy system and safety. Never fail to checked on his divers while diving. A good instructor indeed who always share his skills, knowledge and never compromise on safety for each and every dive on my diving trip. What I got during my dive from the Instructor & Oraclescuba was above satisfaction.

“The instructors were very patient and knowledgeable. Constantly teaching us the importance of safety during a dive and also when planning for a dive so that we can minimise risk and enjoy each dive. They also took time to share their experiences with us and point out areas we can improve one. Very dedicated instructors. Looking forward to more lessons with them.”


“Had my Open water with them. The Trainers are very awesome and very experienced.. never regret signing up with them. Get to learn a lot of stuffs and they took care of my safety! Thank you”
“Definitely an awesome experience for me..great food..great company. great teachings..I will definitely come back for more!”
“Food is marvelous, too much for my small stomach. Program is custom to yr need. No need to go down for theory. meet up at yr convenience. Thumbs up”
“Despite my last minute request, my first dive trip with Oracle Scuba will not be possible without the team’s dedication. Thank you for going the extra miles to make seamless arrangements and the great hospitality during the entire trip! The dive instructor advocates safe and practical learning, not to mention his amicable approach that took away the stress for new learner. I am inspired by his professionalism! Thank you so much Oracle Scuba, I’m looking forward to become a better diver under your guidance 😊”
“Definitely a great journey to embark on with awesome Instructors to guide you on your first dive. The Instructors was well equipped with skills and never hesitant to impart their knowledge to me..I have no regret choosing ‘Oraclescuba’ as a platform for me to broaden my knowledge and skills in diving… Thank you to both the Instructors and ‘Oraclescuba”
“From planning to execution, Oraclescuba redefines the standards of how a dive centre can be like. The courses isn’t easy and standards are not lowered here so there is massive pride in learning and earning your qualifications the proper way unlike other dive centres where they rush you through. Physically this weekend was tiring but safety was observed and everyone had a great time. Thanks Oraclescuba and I look forward to diving with you for future courses.”
“Thumbs up! The experienced instructor is always looking out for you during the whole journey in and out of water. The trainee’s safety is his upmost priority. I enjoyed myself a lot during the open water diving course. Meal sessions are always exciting as the intructor never fails to entertain us with all his dive adventures.
Interested to be a certified diver? Contact Oraclescuba today!”
“Have always wanted to try diving. Didn’t think that it is gonna be this tough…But Yeah!! I did it! Big THANX to Oraclescuba for being patient and keep on encouraging me throughout the course. Of course..to my ‘guardian angel’, DM Opie, Thank U so much bro for looking out after me and giving me tips on how to improve. Enjoyed the dive…and definitely will come back for more!!”
“I first got to know Oraclescuba (Othman) a few years back when he needed some help to conduct discovery scuba to a group of secondary school students. Was glad to to we shared a similar expectation when it comes to dive safety . Have yet to go on a leisure trip with him yet due to my other priority. Looking forward to go dive with him soon. And will come back to leave another comment when that happens.”
“The dive instructor can be summarised into three words: Professional, Patient and Personal, and yet at the same time not compromising on your safety. Diving has always been a to-do in my list and has now become a reality. It was an enriching journey for me and definitely an enjoyable one. It wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish I must admit, however, Oracle Scuba makes learning safe, fun and personalised learning catered to every individual. Thank you for making my dreams become a reality.”
“I’d like to thank Oraclescuba for the great job they had done for my AOWD. Thumbs up!
How I know Oraclescuba was thru Carousell. My first impression on them was like; hmmm… is Oraclescuba suitable for me take? Is the instructor really that good and capable?
So I texted them, enquire about the course I’m keen in & they told me why not both of us meet up so he can explained more about the info. About a week later, I met the dive instructor. I was amazed by how he presented about the AOWD course, very knowledgeable & professional. Without any hesitation, I book my AOWD slot with them. The most thing I like about Oraclescuba is, they are very flexible. Just give them your dates and they’ll arrange for you everything. The way the dive instructor teaches on the practical session are well organize and of course, safety is always there. For me, I’ll never regret choosing Oraclescuba as my learning platform towards diving, it is all worth it. I’m looking forward to expand my diving skill & knowledge with Oraclescuba in the future (which I’d already booked). Other things to let you people know is, even after you had graduate from your course, Oraclescuba will always keep you in the loop & update about diving.”
“Often people asked me why I decided to move on with so many courses. It is oraclescuba that affirmed my decision. When I first took the first one, I was unsure. But after that, he lives up to what he said. Not the food motto only but more importantly, he build divers.
I decided on going to advance cause I wanted to dive deep with people whom I care and enjoy being with. Then after one open water experience, I was putting my safety in the hands of another which was in turned I was looking after the other safety. That is the main reason of taking up speciality courses. I wanna ensure to anyone that dives with me. When I say “don’t worry, it will be safe diving with me. I look after you.” I mean every word.
Thanks oraclescuba who is building me up and to that dive buddy who gave me an awakening call of safety.Oraclescuba good place to learn to dive. Thanks Oraclescuba”
“People been asking me why must be ORACLESCUBASG?
Simple, why not ORACLESCUBASG?
ORACLESCUBASG has been making things happen from the day one I met them. You never try you will never know.
I really had a great adventure with them. It will never been better without ORACLESCUBASG…
Thumbs up”
“Most flexible program! Best instructor! Hope the our diving family grows bigger. And the best part. Prepare for gluttony when you book a course or leisure trip with oraclescuba! You can also get your own code name! -Ikan bilis”
“Our review on our dive trip with Oraclescuba
If i could score up to 10 on here, I’d give Oraclescuba prefect 12.
The diving was spectacular, and the location of the dive center was perfect. We couldn’t be happier with the experience we had with Oraclescuba. Mr Osman is supreme host, patient teacher and most importantly he is very safe and professional dive leader.
Our kids did a diving lesson with Mr Osman .
As a family with 3 children of a different age group, our priority was our childrens’ needs. Mr Osman indeed catered to our family needs. He was a patient man and he was very clear and easygoing when he taught our kids the theories on diving. He was well prepared, his teaching resources were good and he has provided with visual slides to make learning more easy to understand.
The day of the trip, he came to fetch us happy and cheery. He took care of all the family needs – the cost that we paid him was inclusive of dive class/test food lodging and 2 way-transport.
The day that every parents worry – practical day at the sea.
He gave us assurance that the kids will be in safe hands.He paid attention and was patient even when our kids showed some inexperience. He took the time to educate them as divers.
During those practical days, he was very calm and positive. Importantly our kids felt relax and felt assured that Mr Osman got their back. He gave them advise and used motivating words. He action speaks louder than words – he actions showed that he is an experience person and safety is his upmost priority. That was an important thing to me and my Husband.
They felt as if it was a one to one lesson even tot there were two of them.
He was very observant and nurturing person. Kids saw a lot of diverse wildlife .
The dive master did a nice job of pointing out the little things in the reefs and rocks to the kids.
His service did not end there, he gave us feedback our kids’ progress. He share all the light hearted moment they had together. It was nice to hear these. He kept reminding the kids to hydrate and eat. He made sure we all had good meals. He spend time with us during dinners. He has a good rapport with our kids, us and not mentioning the people at Tioman.
MR Osman of Oraclesuba IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”
“Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with Oraclescuba Singapore ‘s commitment to safety during dive training!
Do allow me to elaborate; we were doing our first morning dive of the day at Salang Jetty on Sunday (25/09/16), 1000 hrs, amidst the beginning of an impending storm. As usual, Oraclescuba Singapore did his usual survey/ risk assessment and decided that it was OK to proceed. I concurred with his call as the waves were just a little choppy due to the slight winds and nothing too unmanageable. We were hoping that the bottom will be relatively calm to allow my fellow divers to conclude their Search & Recovery Speciality exercise.
So we geared up, jumped in and even chit chatted for a few minutes before we descended. However, things were not quite what we expected 7m down. Due to the currents, the visibility dropped to a paltry 30cm!
In fact, one of the divers had to turn on his torch (Thanks for always being prepared Calvin!) just to read his compass! It felt more like a night dive combined with a underwater sandstorm!
This is when I got a fantastic lesson; that a responsible instructor/ dive master should have the courage to abort a dive when the situation calls for it! One should never compromise safety when the lives of other divers rests in your hand.
Oraclescuba Singapore promptly signalled for all of us to ascend and then explained his rationale for cancelling the dive when we were all ashore. Additionally, when he assessed the weather again, he cancelled the next dive as well due to deteriorating conditions. However, he offered those affected FREE make up dives to complete the course; albeit on another trip.
I’m very proud and glad to say that I made the right choice in taking up my Divemaster training with Oraclescuba Singapore. I couldn’t ask for a more professional instructor and I’m looking forward to learning more from him.
To those who want to try diving out, give Oraclescuba Singapore a call. You will be in safe hands , get great value for your dollar and you won’t most definitely regret it!
Othman promptly signalled for all of us to ascend and then explained his rationale for cancelling the dive when we were all ashore. Additionally, when he assessed the weather again, he cancelled the next dive as well due to deteriorating conditions. However, he offered those affected FREE make up dives to complete the course; albeit on another trip.
I’m very proud and glad to say that I made the right choice in taking up my Divemaster training with Oraclescuba Singapore. I couldn’t ask for a more professional instructor and I’m looking forward to learning more from him.
To those who want to try diving out, give Othman a call. You will be in safe hands , get great value for your dollar and you won’t most definitely regret it!.”
“If you want something cheap and fast, it wouldn’t be good.
If you want something good and cheap, it wouldn’t be fast.
But if you want something fast and good, that would be oraclescubasg.
I did not start my diving journey with them. But I’m definitely gonna continue my diving journey together with them. Instructor has vast knowledge of the skills needed to let you enjoy your learning and leisure diving journey while at the same time always emphasizing on YOUR SAFETY.
Let me share a little of my journey. I was doing my AOWD course, the night dive section, we check the current on land and have decided on the course to take. When we got into the waters all seemed normal and as planned. So off we go on our night dive. Bit by hit we descended to our planned depth, got our bearings right and started finning towards our destination (we were suppose to fin with the current on a straight path toward the jetty).
Not know to us, the current had changed direction and was even strong than anticipated. I was struggling to keep up with my buddies and thinking to myself why am I not able to keep up (and not really enjoying the dive). This is where I saw the experience and the commitment of the instructor. Constantly checking on every diver and constantly assessing the situation. He also felt that the current was a little weird and caught up with the lead diver to halt our advance. Did a simple test of the current and made the call to abandon the planned route. We then drifted back to our starting point, enjoying every bit of the remaining dive time we have. After surfacing, a discussion was done with all divers (it’s a very common thing to do for this instructor’s class) experienced were shared, lessons were learnt. My love for diving? Increasing with every moment.
Instructor has taught and will teach you to enjoy your dive with safety always as top priority.
If you want to start learning scuba diving, or even if you just want to try. Give them a call! Oh and did I mentioned that the course is flexible and can most probably cater to your time? Ask the instructor today! What are you waiting for? :).”
“Oraclescuba good place to learn to dive. Thanks Oraclescuba”
“5 Stars.”