• √ Approach 1 -Theory session is conducted the day of arrival at Tioman island thru laptop presentation and outdoor approach, no classroom environment
  • √ Approach 2 – Home Based – It can also be conducted at a home or at a convenient location. This allows you to concentrate on practical at Tioman island
  • √ Confined water development session conducted on your day of arrival at Tioman Island
  • √ Open water development will be conducted on Sat and Sun. Dive course conducted in local water or Tioman Island
  • √ Our small class environment allows you to ask questions without reservation
  • √ Gain maximum learning capability, with close interaction and supervision
  • √ No trip to dive centre

Other Dive Centres

  • X Theory session is conducted at dive centre with other participants whom you might not be familiar with. The hassle of traveling to the centre to sit for the session.
  • X Confined water development session is conducted at a swimming pool

  • X Open water dive at local water or overseas

  • X You have to travel to the dive centre for your theory session
  • X You will be joining a BIG group during the course

  • X You will feel too shy and uncomfortable to ask questions

  • X Too time-consuming and you do not have the time to turn up on the allocated dates


Our one-stop customer-based programme is specifically designed for participants who prefer a hassle free, good quality, value for money and interactive scuba diving course. Our goal is to get you certified using the fastest and easiest approach to scuba diving, without compromising the safety of our divers. All courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule. The course is short and intensive so that you can gain the certification in just 3 days! We allow you to decide on the various approaches to learn scuba diving and encourage you to design your “own course schedule” – to make your learning experience enjoyable, comfortable and convenient.

Theory sessions can be conducted at a home or any convenient location. Upon completion of the theory session, you will then be able to experience the exhilaration of diving during the practical sessions.

Our range of courses include:

a 3 Days, 3 Nights or 2 Days, 2 Nights Open Water Diver Course Package
a 6 Days, 5 Nights Combo Dive Package (Open Water, Advanced Diver, Emergency First Responder (First Aid) to Rescue Diver).
You may want to take up a series of Combo Dive Packages. You can gain your Master Scuba Diver certification or a Divemaster certification in no time. (Refer to PADI continued Education chart). It can be your next career path!
It is a requirement to complete all three diving development stages during the course. The course will be conducted in our all-board 3 Days, 3 Nights Open Water Diver Course at Tioman Island.

No extra trips to dive shop for session
No extra transportation fee to dive shop
No worries about asking questions
No big group
No time wasted
Course fee includes Student’s package:

Original Open Water Student Package
Student Registration
Student theory lesson at Tioman Island or a home based location
(Home based theory in Singapore allows you to have more leisure and practical sessions at Tioman Island)

TIOMAN ISLAND TRIP (3D / 3N Trip) E.g. Departure on Thu night & Return on Sun evening (Other days can be arranged)

  • Transport from (Sin-Mersing–Sin) One night Stay at Mersing Hotel
    Boat travel from Mersing-Tioman–Mersing)
  • Two nights stay at Tioman Resort)
  • Use of diving gears and unlimited tank dives
  • Two Confined water training sessions
  • Four Open water training sessions
  • Wall Certification
  • Certification Card

In actual, you don’t have to pay anything more to complete the course and the trip.

It is a PADI standard that requires all students complete these 3 development stages during the Open Water Diver course. For the other courses, it varies on the course package.

  • Theory Development (Theoretical lesson on equipment and basic diving knowledge)
  • Confined Water Development (Basic practical diving lesson in controlled environment, closely monitored for performance)
  • Open Water Development (Basic practical diving lesson  in confined water will be  tested for realistic knowledge confidence)

The Open Water Students package consists of the following (yours to keep for future reference)

  • Original Recreational Dive Planner
  • Original Open Water Manual Book
  • Open Water Diver Certification Card
  • Open Water VCD
  • Open Water Diver Wall Certification
  • Diver’s Log Book
The following issues will be discussed during our initial introduction (location at your convenience).

  • Introduction to the course
  • PADI continued Education chart
  • Your dive programmes & schedules
  • Fee for the course

This no obligation introduction allows you to understand the PADI Organization  Continued Education Chart and approach to recreational diving . We will introduce to you the course that you are taking and guide you to understand on how the course will be conducted. After the meeting, you can have the choice to sign up for the course with an initial payment and receive a student’s package.

Courses will be conducted at Tioman Island, Salang, Malaysia, but arrangements can be made if the participants prefer to be conducted locally in Singapore, Pulau Hantu. The fee will be much cheaper.

We provide 1-to-1 or max 4-to-1 per session, this will allow you to gain maximum learning capability with close supervision and better interaction.

Yes, we can!  If you are not available during the weekend, please call us for an arrangement. But you are required to complete the theory sessions and confined water developments in Singapore. As stated, you can start without waiting for others.
It is a requirement to know how to swim if you want to be a scuba diver. We can provide you with a Scuba Diving Tryout at a local swimming pool before you commit. A minimal fee for the equipment, tank and pool rental will be required.
Immediately. Call us to enquire for the next allocated dates.
You can complete your dive course in only one-weekend trip.E.g. Thu – Sun (Leave Thu night). We can arrange if you prefer on weekdays.


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a world of scuba diving and if you have dive question, our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.